Is the Global Cosmetics Market Moving Towards a Cruelty-Free Future?

Charlotte’s views on animal testing on products.

This is an extremely tough topic to speak about but at the same time needs to be spoken about more often. Unfortunately some cosmetics companies still use animals to test the safety of their products before they are released to the market. Over 250 cosmetics brands still use this practice, affecting what the RSPCA estimates to be over 27,000 animals each year.

Fortunately, experiments on animals for cosmetics products and their ingredients have been consigned to the history books in many parts of the world. However, in the United States there are almost 1 million animals held captive in labs or used in experiments to test makeup products. Whereas in 2017, in the UK 3.79 million experiments occurred using animals. Animal testing in cosmetics has been banned in the EU for five years now, although companies can‘t sell animaltested cosmetics in Europe, they can continue to test cosmetics on animals outside Europe and sell them in other markets. Market research indicates that vegan and cruelty-free are two of the biggest issues for customers during 2018. We don’t truly realise what goes into or how products are tested we buy from high end makeup / cosmetic companies, so that’s why it is important for everyone to know what really occurs when making cosmetic purchases.

You can find the poll via the PETA website.

Lush cruelty free

Brands such as Lush DO NOT test on animals and they make that very clear. Lush supply shopping tote bags that specifically say on the front “Fighting Animal Testing”.

Lush supply shopping tote bags that specifically say on the front “Fighting Animal Testing”. This acts as a stamp they want to get across, that their brand doesn’t believe in animal cruelty. Lush, in their opinion, think that animal testing is cruel, inhumane and in this day and age, unnecessary. With that being said they have an on-going Fighting Animal Testing campaign. This is one of their most prolific campaigns to date, and they are still fighting animal testing to this day. All of their cosmetics are vegetarian and homemade to suit their customer’s needs. So that’s why I think they’re a great example of how to be a successful beauty brand and care about their customers!

Lush Tote Bag
fighting animal testing

The Body Shop was the first global beauty brand to fight against animal testing in cosmetics and was the first company to be certified with the Leaping Bunny logo in 1997. You can find this research on this website Cruelty Free Kitty.

no animal testing

Many brands still have a journey to become totally cruelty free internationally and not just Cruelty Free for the European market. In my opinion there are no excuses for hurting and killing animals for the sake of make-up or cosmetics. If we can help companies stay away from animal testing it will shape the future and be a gigantic positive advancement, the public can make more informed choices when buying the products they love!

Jane Iredale display

One of our customers, IIAA has done just that… Not only do Jane Iredale mineral cosmetics care for your skin, this cult make-up brand also cares about animals. All Jane Iredale products have been certified cruelty-free by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program. This recognizes companies that are helping to eliminate the cruel and unnecessary use of animals in the testing of cosmetic products and ingredients, and do not allow third-party testing on animals for product registration purposes.

The internationally recognized Leaping Bunny logo will start appearing on the packaging soon, replacing the ‘no animal testing’ claim, which is being phased out in line with EU regulations.

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