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DIY Kent & Stowe CT

Kent & Stowe have a unique heritage and history as manufacturers of a comprehensive range of award-winning garden tools for every type of job and every type of gardener.

Kent & Stowe require that all of their point of sale is informative, educational and easy to understand.

Kent & Stowe Topiary FSDU


Kent & Stowe lawncare FSDU

Kent & Stowe Cutting Counter Top

The high quality standards of the product ranges which are integral to Kent & Stowes’ continued success must be reflected in their point of sale display systems, so Impulse POP were asked to design and produce more than 100 freestanding and countertop displays across 5 different POS categories, ensuring that the Kent & Stowe brand and company message criteria were adhered to throughout the design and manufacture of the various category management display system solutions.

The garden tools market is an extremely competitive environment and ‘stand out’ displays make a big difference to a products’ success both in the DIY sheds and  Garden Centres.

Working with Cirka Creative, Impulse POP designed and managed 4 distinct category management solutions to respond to Kent & Stowes’ market research which had led to the development of:  a complete lawn – care range, topiary essentials and a potting and planting station as well as taking cutting off the back wall to create interest and theatre in this category.

The space efficient, easy to assemble, design- led, freestanding and countertop display stands show the extensive Kent & Stow range to full effect to include topiary essentials, secateurs, loppers and shears.

Powerful imagery and outstanding graphics combine with the robustness of the displays themselves to achieve maximum brand impact for Kent & Stowes products.

The displays were launched successfully to a great reception from major retailers and garden centres in the UK and Ireland during September 2017.