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In an era when we are all aware that networking is heavily focused on how to get the best for your business out of your website by ensuring the highest ranking keywords are being featured and that you and your business are highly visible on platforms such as Linked In, we still find that we continue to win business and gain introductions through local face-to-face business network opportunities.

ImpulsePOP is a successful Point Of Sale Display and Merchandising business that has been built up with the help and support of so many local clients and suppliers.

Of course, we have adapted and evolved to ensure that customer service, quality and price competitiveness remain at the core of our company values and we are extremely proud to be a UK based design and manufacturing company with all of our manufacturing undertaken here in our plant in Sandy, Bedfordshire.

At the same time, we are also extremely pleased that we continue to work with local suppliers and clients in Bedfordshire and the surrounding Counties that we have worked with since the formation of our business.

The opportunity to work with suppliers who are’ just around the corner’ frequently gives real added value to our clients and their project needs.

We always come away from the network events with some new contacts and business cards that come in useful over the next few weeks and months.

So, through the brilliant advances of technology, although the business world is getting smaller by the day and we recognise all that those advantages bring us, we would like to think that we will always be able to find time to meet new people face to face at events organised by organisations such as Business Buzz, Cambridge Network, Breakfast Networking and Cambridge Space  – Supporting your local business community really matters in our view!

Here at ImpulsePOP, we have worked with many local businesses in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire to provide eye-catching product displays. So if you are a local business looking for design and branding support, take a look at how Impulse POP can help!

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