Producing Excellence in Retail!

We’ve been busy in January getting out and about, meeting clients, visiting stores and hitting the exhibitions.

Impulse are lucky to operate in many different sectors, which helps as seasonal peaks vary by product type.

Marketing budgets are now being released for 2018, and the POS industry,  including creative design agencies and POS manufacturers such as Impulse,  will work with our clients in designing and producing everything from counter displays to freestanding and on shelf display systems for these different market sectors.

Finding clients is always a challenge, but it is this that keeps us focussed  – and never lets us get complacent. In January our sales team have visited 4 exhibitions, received 18 briefs via fresh enquiries from our new website, and been on new business meetings from Manchester to Geneva.

The great thing about working in the POS market at Impulse is the incredible range of brands and companies that we get to meet and work with every day of the week!

To gain maximum on shelf and in-store impact for our clients we are dedicated to shopper research to ensure that we can advise our clients of what is happening in their specific market areas.

Furthermore, with the incredible amount of information now available via linked in, Pinterest and other social media platforms, the sourcing of what is happening in- market has never been easier to find.

However, at the same time, many would argue that there is still a great benefit to getting to the relevant retail stores and trade exhibitions for our clients to see in reality what is happening and what is going to be the next big thing!

To this end, we still believe at Impulse that store visits and trade show visits are critical to sensing what is happening in the market.

It also gives us the opportunity to seek out new clients – there is no better way of meeting a potential new client than when they are surrounded by their brands and products ineffective sales environments such as trade shows and in-store promotional days.

So if you are looking for new ideas to help to promote your products, or seeking out new client opportunities, we suggest that visiting relevant trade shows and retail stores remain as relevant as the social media and website based information platforms.

ImpulsePOP- dedicated to helping their clients to… Producing Excellence in Retail…..