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Meeting our customers: In addition to the need for daily Facebook, Blogging, Linked – in and Pinterest postings and regular email and telephone contact, at ImpulsePOP, we still enjoy face to face meetings with our customers.

One of the great advantages of low-cost airline travel and modern travel infrastructure (weather permitting!) is that it enables us to get to see our customers wherever they are in the UK or the rest of the world.

In recent times and across a really varied range of product sectors, including Furniture, DIY, Garden Centre, Beauty, Cosmetics, Confectionery, Computer Accessories and Electronics, we have been able to travel quite easily to see our customers in Switzerland, France, Germany and the USA as well as the UK.

Of course, new technology enables us and our customers to get so much more done via email and various social media platforms than would have seemed possible 20 years ago, however we know that  so many of those difficult, crunch – time decisions are still often best made when actually sitting with your clients in your factory or their offices.

Furthermore, inspiration can often best arrive when discussing topics such as latest screen technology or material specifications and final dimensions of the POS display with the initial creative design ideas  or the prototype in front of you and the client.

At Impulse, we have always believed that our design, engineering and manufacturing processes encourage a regular client input all the way through the project and we will always want to capitalize and invest in new technology that enables that progress to become even more cost effective and time efficient.

However, we like nothing more than when a customer comes to visit us at Impulse POP or we arrange to deliver and present their POS display to them to enable them to make that final sign- off decision on the prototype or the first – off production unit.

Here are just a few examples of where customer face to face meetings have helped to achieve the deadlines required:

Visiting and Meeting with our Customers – So important to the POS Display Process and Something to be Enjoyed!

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