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Floorstanding displays For:

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The Motorscrubber Floorstanding displays were designed and produced by Impulse POP in 2017 for distribution in the UK and European DIY stores and Garden Centres.

MotorScrubber Clean may just be the best cordless cleaning machine on the market and for a product with a reputation that good, it was important to develop a floorstanding unit to match!

It was important that the FSDU was able to accomodate the Motorscrubber Clean product accessories such as the MS2000 interchangeable cleaning pads and brushes. These are displayed on either side of the Motorscrubber FSDU for maximum impact and to enable customer interaction.

The MS2000 is the ultimate, cordless, high torque, lightweight cleaning machine, designed to clean all those hard to reach places your standard large cleaning machine simply cannot reach.

This is where industrial cleaning meets portable cleaning. Small Machine –BIG Power!

This innovative and state – of – the – art technology led approach to products that bring new and exciting solutions to the cleaning market requires an approach to in – store POS display that matches the quality, function and effectiveness of the products that it is promoting.

Working closely with Motorscrubbers’ marketing and design teams, Impulse POP designed and produced this impactful, interactive and engaging display.

The FSDU has an updatable magnetic back graphic on a vibrant red shell with strong lifestyle imagery to ensure that the FSDU has real stand out and shows the product off to maximum effect.

The display has an integrated information screen which draws the customer in and gives a full explanation of what the MS2000 can do. The in- store display has gained a really positive reaction from retailers and consumers alike.

To demonstrate the Impulse POP design and engineering process, below is the FSDU at prototype stage, before it was painted  in the MotorScrubber Red.

The photos help to explain the construction methodology used and why the unit had to be split into two for transportation with the back hollowed out to keep weight to a minimum.

MotorScrubber Prototype