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New ideas: At Impulse POP, we have worked with some great clients in the design and development of their in-store displays for many years.

With significant shopping habit changes in recent times, we are constantly being asked to look at new, inspiring and experiential ways of promoting our clients’ products and services and to consider how these ideas can be implemented in an innovative, dynamic and cost-effective manner.

Research for us and our customers is key and we spend a significant amount of our early project time in researching current trends and activities in our clients’ markets.

It has led us to some exciting ideas and, in spite of many of the challenging headlines about the retail market currently, we have realised that the time taken on researching what is happening now, and as a consequence, looking at what the building blocks of the future may be has helped us to successfully partner in some great product launches.

We thought that it may be of interest to make our clients and suppliers think about research as one of the elements in their strategic thinking when it comes to what is happening in retail now and what may be about to occur in the future.

When looking for new ideas :  we often start with the current most successful retail environments and see what they are doing, for example;  look at the Dubai Mall and the ION Orchard Mall in Singapore- they have been practising experiential retailing longer than most- indoor ski-ing centres, musically controlled water fountains, family leisure areas and technology interaction make for the complete shopping experience.

Dubai Mall

New Ideas Dubai Mall

ION Orchard Mall in Singapore

Review those Displays,  Pop-Ups, Concessions and Engagement Zones  that have become ‘the norm’ in these shopping malls and review how this has seen some well known UK stores and retail chains implement similar initiatives as the retail market looks for new initiatives- e.g the recent Debenhams Watford shopping experience and Superdrugs’ beauty expertise and consultant initiative!

Debenhams Watford

Superdrug beauty consultants

Sometimes, great ideas are already out there- Research is all that is needed!

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