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It’s no secret that the retail industry is seeing more and more of e-commerce.

We now shop online more than any other nation in the world. We buy most of our products through our tablets and phones. And when we’re out shopping, we use online stores to compare prices with what’s physically in front of us.

This change in shopper behaviour has created new challenges for the retail industry to overcome. And the go-to fix for many retailers is revitalising the shopping experience.



King of e-commerce Amazon is shaking things up. The company is turning to physical stores (because we still prefer the personal experience it creates) to pilot its checkout-free store format Amazon Go.

Virtual Reality (VR) is also being used to bring the product to us and help us to decide on buying or not. For example, travel agent Thomas Cook used VR last year to give customers tasters of the holiday they might want to buy.

Therefore, it seems to be all about convenience – something driven by the ease of online transactions.


Subscription-based shopping

We want to remove the need to physically (or digitally) keep making purchases we know we’ll be reliant on. Subscriptions offer us a convenient way out.

Although subscriptions are entertainment based, they’re finding a space in retail.  A recent Effie award winner was a partnership between Quilted Northern, a toilet paper brand, and Amazon. They promoted an exclusive subscription which took care of your toilet paper purchases.

Why? Most shoppers don’t want to buy toilet paper. It’s bulky and a pain to carry home.

In short, customers’ need for subscription-based shopping (also think having your weekly shopping done for you) is making retailers rethink how to sell and market their products.



High street retailers are now trying to provide a reason to visit a shop for more than your intended purchase.

Supermarkets now have cafés and restaurants tucked into their stores. The experience is transformed from a practical one (just getting some groceries) to a leisurely one (enjoying a relaxing coffee or a quick meal).

This trend is developing further. Westfield’s ‘How We Shop’ report found that 25% of shoppers would like to experience cookery lessons. And 27% of shoppers would welcome expert sessions like make-up masterclasses.

These examples tell us one thing. The experience that shoppers want isn’t universally the same. But our want for new innovations is driven by convenience.

We are constantly evaluating Shopper attitudes, as this shapes the retail environment of the future, and its also what keeps our creative output fresh, and on trend.

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