Coming back after Christmas, Impulse are pleased to be coming back to a very healthy order book, with a busy design studio, and enquiries coming in daily.

We are currently working on a suite of displays for Footjoy and Titleist Golf brands, destined for Europe. The units are metal based, with applied magnetic POS, with Lasered Acrylic FJ logos fitted.

FootJoy display
FootJoy display
FootJoy display
Other projects in progress include;
  • a further roll-out for HOOVER, free-standing units being delivered to a further 400 independent Electrical retailers
  • launch of over 400 displays for PILOT PENS, on the back of a successful trial run in 2018
  • Forecourt FSDU’s for Rontec (owners of over 240 forecourt stations in the UK)

The Design Studio is busy working on a variety of pitches, from Biodegradable underwear (!) to Candles and a new range of Housewares.

Impulse can now feel the benefit from office and factory investment last year and are now enjoying a lower carbon footprint, with the LED lighting and new roof lights giving us a more pleasant working environment – this has led us to decide to increase our workforce both in the office and factory preparing us for the challenges of 2019.

Why not see what we could do for you and your brand by calling in on 01767 682756 or contacting us by email.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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