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Here at Impulse, as with most organisations, the staff  interests and age groups are wide-ranging and we have a lot of fun in the office discussing our various different approaches to our shopping habits in 2018 , so we thought we would introduce a fun blog series, with a touch of serious content, from some of our staff  about their views on certain key current retail topics- we decided to start with Charlotte and in the coming months there will be one from other Staff members- please do let us have your views on our views!

If I am subscribed to their mailing list I receive up to date trends, deals and voucher codes for their online shop.

From a personal experience when I have received my items they often come with bags of sweets, or voucher codes for my next purchase online, or small % discount off other brands – this is what makes me want to order again from them as it’s exciting to see what I will receive with my next order! – It’s almost like it is their way of ‘giving their thanks back’.

Online vs Conventional

Online shopping also enables me to purchase undergarments and lingerie without the embarrassment of people watching me buy personal items.

Buying my items straight away is easy and the online company save my card details for my next purchase so that when I log back into my account it’s a quick and easy service compared to high street shopping.

There can be a negative with this, as they are able to hold my personal details and this could sometimes be considered as dangerous if the company details are hacked so I always look to take all necessary precautions when supplying my card details.

It is interesting to note that online sales fell by 1.2% in the UK in March this year – which suggests that where losses are being made on the High Street, they aren’t necessarily being replaced by online shopping.

Mark Antipof, Online vs Conventional

In an article in The Guardian, Mark Antipof, the Chief Commercial Officer at Visa, explained that recently both High Street and online sales have experienced a dip in sales this year.

One of my favourite online shops is Asos. Asos stocks several brands and products from different producers in one place.

There is a special feature on the Asos website which is called Asos Marketplace.

This provides a platform for boutiques which are small businesses selling their own label, vintage collections and multi brands. ASOS Marketplace meets the needs of the Asos 20-something customer by providing a place to discover unique brands and vintage fashion from boutiques.

What I like about Asos is that it gives me a variety of different brands to choose from. It allows me to search any brand from A-Z.

Another feature that I like about Asos, is Klarna. This is a buy now pay later feature, that allows you to pay for your purchases whenever you want, before the next month. You are able to make a secure payment with either a debit or credit card.

Klarna is also available on certain other retail stores online.

With online shopping, a lot of online stores charge for delivery which usually takes three to five days.

If I need my order next day I am charged extra which can add a lot to the total bill.

However, I would say a negative when shopping online is that, if, for example, a clothing order arrives and items do not fit, I have to send the items back with a returns label which they supply, and the process can be very long.

Online vs Conventional High Street Shopping

Because I really like online shopping, what makes me shop at stores like Primark, Aldi, and Lidl?

Primark is a High Street budget fashion retailer that sell great clothes for great prices.

Although Primark’s fashion doesn’t always appeal to me, I always find myself leaving with something, mainly from their home section!

I believe that Primark sell some of the best quality duvet covers sets and storage furniture.
The style of their homeware section appeals to me more than their actual clothes.

I feel like the homeware quality is really good.

Although their prices are low, from a personal experience sometimes the quality isn’t always sustainable enough.

Primark has seen a 3% sales rise in the past six months – leading the company’s owners to proclaim that the UK High Street is ‘not remotely dead’.

Primark, however, is not the only chain to report a rise in sales, JD Sports, another high-street giant, has seen a 33% rise in sales.

Price is a big reason for the appeal of customers such as students and people have to work to a budget. In my experience, there is often a case for arguing that the quality of the food is just as good as some of the pricier supermarkets.


Some of the things that I like about “Real“ High Street shopping are:

  • It’s a great way of socializing with my friends which makes a great day out for me.
  • Finding new stores with real products and real people to speak to.
  • Testing and trying new products, particularly clothes and cosmetics.
  • Looking for the discount deals available on the day.

Some of the things that I Iike about online shopping are:

  • I don’t have to wait in a queue to purchase my items.
  • My items are added to my basket and are ready for me to buy straightaway.
  • Once my items have been purchased they get delivered straight to my door.
  • I can do my shopping in minutes even if I am busy thus saving time and avoiding crowds.
  • Online shops give me the opportunity to shop 24/7.
  • I am able to filter my searches by Size, Colour, Price, etc.

Charlottes Conclusion

I really want the choice of both shopping options, so Stores must continue to find ways of giving consumers the choice to shop at home or in the High Street!

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