Our Guide To Corten Steel

Are you looking to achieve a more rustic appearance for your architectural projects? Then have you considered Corten Steel? This provides a rust-like presence without the need for painting, giving you a quality finish that truly captivates people at first glance. We happen to be Corten Steel specialists, with a laser cutting & fabrication service ready to deliver authentic solutions which have the potential to really stand out.

Corten dandelion fence

What is Corten Steel? 

The origins of Corten Steel date all the way back to the 1930s in America. It was during this period that the United States Steel Corporation started developing steel with substantially improved resistance for things like hopper cars and metal ores. Its solidity is now just one of many benefits, given how its rustic appearance makes for an immensely stylish aesthetic.

Corten wall

Let’s Talk Science

Corten Steel is made from a chemical composition, providing efficient shielding against all manner of weather conditions, temperatures or whatever nature can throw at it. When the weather hits, Corten Steel will actually harness this to create an effective coat to deter the effects from atmospheric corrosion, which leads to its distinctly rustic look.

Corten signage

How Long Does Corten Steel Last?

It’s hard to say, but certain variables like the environment they’re based in and the manner it’s installed can help give you a rough estimation. Lots of projects involving Corten Steel were installed decades ago, and in most cases, there is little evidence that they’re losing either their structural or stylistic qualities. To maximise the longevity of your Corten Steel, it’s recommended you use a heavier gauge steel.

How Expensive is Corten Steel?

You’ll find Corten can be more expensive compared to other grades of steel, but that’s generally because this will last much longer, so overall, this does make for a better long-term investment.

Can You Stop Corten Steel Rusting?

You can easily stop the rusting effect over Corten with substances such as polyurethane. Not only does this help you maintain the same appearance, but you will be able to handle the steel without fear of stains on your skin or clothing.

How Can You Speed Up The Process?

Over time, Corten will become fully acquainted with its environment, acquiring substantial rustic qualities through weathering. The process can also be sped up with the use of salt sprays. This can be a better route to take for time-sensitive projects, but please note how the finish won’t be quite the same as a natural patina. Feel free to speak with the Impulse team about the best options for your specific needs.

Introducing Cambridge Corten

Cambridge Corten is a division of Impulse POP, offering both domestic and commercial Corten solutions. With over 20-years’ experience in metalworking, we will provide comprehensive services to ensure you get the final results you desire. Find out more about our Corten Steel projects and how we can design a stand-out piece for you.

Aside from Corten Steel, we are of course still actively looking for brand new shop display projects. Get in contact with Impulse today and learn about how we can design and build emphatic promotions to keep your brand at the very centre of people’s attention when visiting stores.


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