Promotional Cosmetic Wall Bay

Making make-up fun
Beauty Uk Promotional Wall Bay
Beauty Uk Promotional Wall Bay2

Product Overview

This LED lit promotional wall display was the perfect way to bring more attention to this range provided by Beauty UK. Products were also neatly ordered, clearly demonstrating the choices on offer.

A display which truly stands out

In saturated industries such as health and beauty, any way to gain more prominence over competitors is vitally important. We therefore made these displays with LED lights, since this would encourage a more visually impactful presence in-store. Their branding was also made clear, along with neatly ordered shelves containing the range of products available.

In merchandising ‘jargon’ this refers to a length of shelving containing a group of products or a category of products. A shelf length is often referred to as a bay.

The wall bay programmes that can be seen in outlets such as the music and entertainment store displays as well as garages / forecourts and convenience stores will often require bays to be dressed or replaced with a unit to fit perfectly within or alongside, specifically designed for their product and for the bay to stand out possibly with lighting, as often the wall bays have access to power.

Our take...Impulse POP

Keeping up with the fashion world

Affordable cosmetics designed to fire the creative ...

The fashion industry changes all the time, so Beauty UK want to give their customers innovative and creative products which best reflects the current trends. They have a steep passion for creating quality and affordable cosmetics which aim to encourage more creative spirit. Being able to empower women and make them feel more confident is also a key motive for this brand.

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Less is More

Beauty UK believe make-up should be fun!

Beauty Uk make shocking a statement