Branded Product Dispensers

Crucial road safety
Continental wall product dispenser
Continental product dispenser

Product Overview

A space efficient branded product dispenser. The perfect way of merchandising boxed product.

Wall mounted or counter standing for flexibility.

The Future In Motion

The future in motion, the most space efficient and effective way to dispense boxed products, easy to restock and see when a product is running low. The ideal way to stock items by date. 

We love these smaller and usually cuter units that are Counter Top Displays. Sometimes abbreviated to CTU, or CDU (Counter Display Units), they exist to promote impulse purchases, and usually are strongly branded to increase awareness.

Our take...Impulse POP

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Since 1892: Bicycle Tyres From Continental

Since the early times of bicycle tyre production, cyclists have had mainly one cause for concern: their tyres should be resistant above all to stone penetration and punctures. Today’s product lines offered by Continental are built to satisfy the demands of touring cyclists, mountain bikers and racing professionals – indeed, the leading teams of this year’s Tour de France rode on tyres made by the company’s plant in Korbach (Hesse).

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Maximize durability, puncture-resistance, and grip

Continental is the only bicycle tyre producer with manufacturing operations in Germany. Tyres – also those for bicycles – consist of different components that are ‘baked’ under heat and pressure during the vulcanization process to form the finished rubber product. Using the best design practices and rubber compounds, Continental bike tires maximize durability, puncture-resistance, and grip when riding. … Similarly, Continental also offers incredibly low rolling resistance to maximize speed and agility on the roads and trails.

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