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Craig & Rose Paint Tester Modules

Craig & Rose paint tester modules have an outstanding and wide variety of colours in their 1829 Artisan range- 117 in fact!

Launching over 350 tester units into more than 100 x Homebase stores in July to replace a competitors’ paint range , with even more stores to follow in Autumn 2017 was the challenge.

To ensure that the display was consistently replenished a new approach was taken with the introduction of a gravity push feed system to feed the paint tins in the trays.

Impulse were involved in the initial design process through to the production of these attractive and functional metal and plastic moulded gravity feed trays that can now be seen in Homebase and Bunnings stores across the UK.

These gravity feed tray designs are not only perfectly suited to the tester paints market but also for packs and bottles needing a similar display function in the cosmetics industry.