Counter Top Snack Display

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Cranberry snacks counter top
Cranberry snacks counter top

Product Overview

Cranberry commissioned Impulse to design and build a family of counter displays for their range of Snack Products – here’s an example of the production run for the counter top units.

Combining tradition and fun with plenty of yum!

Bring a little bit of happiness to your day.

Cranberry dried fruit and mixed nut snacks are the perfect healthy indulgence. Be happy about how you snack with the nutritious range of delicious delights. You’ll marvel at the taste, you’ll discover sparkling surprises and charismatic concoctions in the classic and gourmet ranges. Savour a snackshot, share out a grab bag, the snacking possibilities are endless. 

Sometimes simplicity is best for Counter Top Displays, for product uniformity and awareness where space and budget is key. Sometimes abbreviated to CTU, or CDU (Counter Display Units), they exist to promote impulse purchases, and usually are strongly branded to increase awareness.

Our take...Impulse POP

Say hello to the Nut Expert

Whatever your preference, you’re guaranteed to discover a marvellous mixture to surprise and delight you in our range of sensational snacks.

How do we know?

Because Cranberry is the home of the Nut Expert.

Cranberry Snacks airport cart FSDU and CT products

Cranberry Snacks airport cart FSDU and CT products3
Cranberry Snacks airport cart FSDU and CT berries