Baselayer Apparel Gondola

The new generation of displays for progressive brands
Dare2b Baselayer modular gondola3
Dare2b BaDare2b Baselayer modular gondola4

Product Overview

This Baselayer gondola was included in the 2019 generation of displays. As part of a larger POS program, our team displayed immense performance levels in order to design and manufacture these displays for transportation across a number of retail outlets.

Simple and Clear

A clear and easy to navigate display was created, promoting the range of products available for both males and females. Its capacity to move around allows for strategic positioning in-store, enhancing the potential for impulse purchases. Imagery was also placed on either side of the display, handing customers a quick glimpse at how these products look when worn.

Some units are both gondola and free standing, usually because of the dimensions. This tick both boxes and is universal enough to do so but stand out from the crowd.”

Our take...Impulse POP

New Retail Identity 'Hex mesh'

A Daring Brand

Dare2b is a progressive brand which aims to push boundaries beyond what most people consider to be impossible. 

They cater towards a wide range of sports, giving both amateur and professional athletes clothing which protects their body, and ensures performance levels are maintained. 

Having sold products in over 65 countries, they have developed a reputation for the creation of brand new and exciting technological advancements.

Dare2b Baselayer modular gondola6
Dare2b Baselayer modular gondola5
Performing at your best for longer

A Brand that Dares to Be More

Over the years, they have had a major impact on the industry, working with partners from mountain areas such as Tignes and Sierra Nevada to provide building blocks for the work of professionals on the slopes.

Other collaborations include working with our partner charities such as Snow Camp and working with world-famous cycling events and athletes.

Dare2b Baselayer modular gondola8
Dare2b Baselayer modular gondola7