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DULUX Added Value Paint Range

Bespoke Point of Purchase Design.

‘Value Added Paints’ are a range of products that offer a superior performance and are tailored to specific locations in the home. For example, ‘Kitchen’ paint offers increase grease protection, ‘Bathroom’ paint is moisture resistant, and the ‘Endurance’ range offer stain resistance. In all there are 5 product types within the Value added family.

The Added value offer is broad and complex, so Impulse couple bold simple communications, and sign posting with meaningful and direct product USP’s to answer the shopper equation of (Need = Colour+Room+Correct product) creating a paint aisle that was easy to browse understand and locate the required products, then easing them into colour selection with logically flowed palettes with testers.

The challenge set was to translate the beautiful creative to be able to fit 4 formats of racking throughout the B&Q Estate.

This had to be done cost effectively, which meant we developed a system that used common parts where possible, allowing easy installation.

Other aspects that Impulse needed to solve within the project was a increasing amount of ‘testing graffiti’ (where shoppers actually paint white areas of POS with testers to check colours due to not trusting the tester pot label). This trend is both costly to POS effectiveness and reprint requirements. We solved this problem by the removal of dead space and the use of Anti graffiti print seals that allows any “testing” to be removed easily by store staff.

The materials used were predominantly sheet metal fabricated, with bespoke injection moulded pockets and real wood painted chips (60,000 across 165 colours) to give customers actual product to view rather than printed representation.

Production / Assembly and packing was carried out at our factory in Bedfordshire, stores were despatched individually on a daily, timed basis to meet installers.