Heated Clothing Display

Unique heated clothing
EXOGLO heated clothing FSDU2
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Product Overview

Here, we managed to create a point of purchase display which demonstrates the uniqueness of this product. Using soft mood colours, we helped this brand grab customer’s attention when navigating ​the store.

Subtle, soft and stunning impact

The main objective was to demonstrate how this product was unique. We also wanted to grab people’s attention right away, so lighting technology was added to improve prominence in-store. Key information related to the product was then easily found across one side of the display, helping customers learn more about the main benefits.

The heated technology for this product is amazing, the jacket is actually heated through the display, so you can see and feel exactly what you will get. Sometimes graphics and POS need to portray the product information only, but in the case of this FSDU technology wins and glows!

Our take...Impulse POP

EXO² is a UK based innovator of heat therapy & heated clothing products.

Revolutionising heat technology

This company offers innovative heat technology. Their aim is to provide suitable products for work, home and leisure activities. Using a customer-focused approach, they take into account people’s direct needs and find the most appropriate solutions. Improvements are also being made to their existing range to maximise the potential for this type of clothing in the future.

EXOGLO heated clothing FSDU4
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Keep out the cold with heated clothing from Exoglo

FabRoc™, the core technology for EXO2, is a uniquely blended formulation which is produced in both sheet form and now in spooled strands (creating our ThermoKnitt™ Technology). Elements of the FabRoc™ "recipe" are distributed evenly through the substrate, which creates a uniformly resistive heating system with no hot spots. The physical properties of FabRoc™ are that it retains the characteristics of the base material and as such is familiar by its rubber-like consistency. FabRoc™ can be molded or extruded into any shape required.

EXOGLO heated clothing FSDU7