Gravity Feed Tester Display

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B&Q paint gravity feed tester display
B&Q paint gravity feed tester display2

Product Overview

The aim here was creating a display for both B&Q brands, Fired Earth and Colours Collection, where shelves looked full at all times. Using a gravity feed system, we managed to design an effective solution where products would simply fall to the very front.

Full looking shelves - all the time

This gravity feed system was used to display the Fired Earth and Colours collection range of paints across B&Q stores. These displays provide two great benefits, one being the ease in which products can be accessed, and also how shelves appear to always be full, therefore creating more compelling visual impact.

We love these smaller and usually cuter units that are Counter Top Displays. Sometimes abbreviated to CTU, or CDU (Counter Display Units), they exist to promote impulse purchases, and usually are strongly branded to increase awareness.

Our take...Impulse POP

B&Q paint gravity feed tester display3
B&Q paint gravity feed tester display4

Industry leading products

B&Q are often the go-to-choice for just about anyone who needs products associated with DIY. They cover a vast selection of quality items, ranging from painting & decorating supplies all the way through to outdoor & garden tools. In terms of paint, both the Fired Earth and Colours collection are a huge part of the steep catalogue they have at their disposal.

B&Q paint gravity feed tester display5

Quality Supplies For Professional Decorators

Fired Earth colour card – The Paint Collection


Consisting of 120 bespoke colours gathered on journeys at home and across the world, the Paint Collection combines a range of subtle neutrals, bold accents and harmonious pastels.

These colours are brought together to form a palette echoing the hues and authenticity of our natural and cultural heritage.

B&Q paint gravity feed tester display6