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Insight Guides PETG Pocket Atlas Display 2
Berlitz Popout Map PETG

Product Overview

The objective here was to design and create a simple promoter for Insight Guides. This was manufactured to ensure books could be kept upright, offering a tidy solution for in-store purchases.

Clear, tidy and simple

Most customers want easy access to products, so we made sure this promoter was made with simplicity and purpose. The design enables a number of guides to be kept upright at one time, helping shops maintain a clean and tidy appearance. Key branding and information about the products were also included to connect with customers when browsing.

“We love these smaller and usually cuter units that are Counter Top Displays. Sometimes abbreviated to CTU, or CDU (Counter Display Units), they exist to promote impulse purchases, and usually are strongly branded to increase awareness.”

Out take...Impulse POP

Small in size, yet big on detail.

Travelling made simple

Travelling can be made far easier with Insight Guides, offering people expert advice about the best way to enjoy trips around the world. With carefully made itineraries, budding travellers can explore all four corners of the globe with far more knowledge, allowing them to really get the most out of their forthcoming journeys.

Berlitz Popout Map PETG Promoter