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iPad Displays and Listening Posts

iPad FSDU Display

iPad Displays and Listening Posts

Impulse have designed and built various interactive freestanding display, and researched the current retail landscape and its approach to emerging technology. House of Fraser use the IPad in their customer services areas. The display methods of the product are weak. It is without any doubt that Retail Environments will rely heavily on the interactive selling prospect in the future. Current examples include Jack Wills outlets. Smaller stores rely on website access via IPad, wall mounted (but ineffectively displayed).

Presently the Tablet alternatives are not yet up to speed with the IPad, we are sure this is being addressed. Impulse are currently working with two other retailers who wish to pursue Touchscreen with Chip and Pin transacting which will be used either in store, or at remote locations. With this in mind, Impulse has developed the IPAD2 Display. This unit can be used on a Free-Standing Podium, or Counter Display, and finally Wall-Mounted. The main feature of the unit is the head unit. This is designed with visibility and security in mind.

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