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Jaybird Wireless headphone FSDU

Jaybird Free Standing Headphone Display

Jaybird Logo

Freestanding Hanging Display with Screen

Jaybird – an Intuitive US buyout by Logitech jettisoned them to being a market leader in wireless headphone and earbuds supplier. The products are smart, innovative, and also future proofed by the move by Apple to remove headphone jacks on their new Iphones. Impulse worked cleverly to maintain Brand consistency, as Jaybird was already established in the US, and as a premium product, needed a premium display solution. Impulse were a natural partner, using our own high tech manufacturing resource, tailored to Retail, the units were beautifully crafted from metal, off the CNC laser and bending machines. It was gratifying to be able to apply premium processes, to create seamless edges and a general feeling of quality to the units, finished off with HD video content on a focal screen.

These units were built, assembled, tested and delivered to various European locations timed to suit product launches.

Jaybird FSDU

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