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Product Overview

Impulse designed, manufactured and installed this display to help Kahrs promote their real wood flooring range in their Edinburgh showroom. The key was making this simple yet stylish, providing this brand with the quality vibe associated with their products.

Helping with shopper choice

We were required to improve the presentation of the wood samples, and therefore assist with shopper choice. The metal fixtures and MDF carcass was clad with Kahrs real wood floor coverings. Overall, the style and look of the unit was enhanced with led light boxes in both clip and frames, and also updateable graphics found on the freestanding wall cabinet. This held a large format flat screen television with video.

Nothing beats the presence of a strong Freestanding Display unit, whether it be permanent, or a cardboard temporary FSDU, we have designed it to suit your needs and either dispatch, made up and ready for the shop floor, or in KD / Flat Pack format to be built up in store. Graphic areas are there to enhance with strong branding and information around the product range being displayed.

Our take...Impulse POP

Working with wood for over 160 years

Khars is one of the oldest flooring companies in the world.

Kahrs has been one of the leading names in flooring for more than 160 years, providing the world with brand new innovations that have helped shape the entire industry. They have developed a broad level of expertise for wood and managed to pass this knowledge down a series of generations, giving them the capacity to draw on the past to help shape the future.

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