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A unique history and heritage
Kent & Stowe Cutting Counter Top
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Product Overview

Working alongside our sister company Cirka Creative, we managed to clinch this project. Here, we were required to produce a family of displays for the Kent & Stowe collection for their spring 2018 launch.

Engaging with the shopper

We managed to win this pitch due to our ability to work on-site alongside the clients, account sales and marketing teams. The counter top unit focuses on the cutting products range, and was made in powder coated sheet metal, placed at till points and counter display areas. This allowed customers to engage with the products and make impulse purchases. With interchangeable header graphics, promotional flexibility was also supplied.

We love these smaller and usually cuter units that are Counter Top Displays. Sometimes abbreviated to CTU, or CDU (Counter Display Units), they exist to promote impulse purchases, and usually are strongly branded to increase awareness.

Our take...Impulse POP

Award winning high quality garden tools, expertly hand crafted for today's gardener.

Kent & Stowe Garden Tools are designed with the gardener in mind.

Kent & Stowe is an award winning company which offers a range of gardening tools, made specially to suit the gardeners of today. Every aspect of gardening is covered, whether that be cultivating or simple tidying up. They draw from historically popular products to help create brand new concepts which aim to improve a variety of everyday gardening tasks.

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Kent & Stowe garden tools offer an expertly handcrafted range of gardening products.

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