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ANP Slow Moving Levitation Module

ANP levitation module

Unique floating Counter-top Display for skin product

We designed a levitation module display so the skincare product appears to be floating, powered with magnetic technology.

The skincare packaging has been re-designed to have a contemporary clean feel to it, therefore the new display needed to reflect this; we feel the floating weightless approach gives a new dimension to displaying the product, the product not only looks suspended but slowly rotates for maximum effect.

The display consists of 2 parts; a base module and a carrier. The base module is the pillar non-floating part which contains the technology and mains power. The floating part is a magnet disc, which is called the carrier.

The skincare product is a food supplement for your skin. A powerful combination of five super supplements providing nutrients to help support beautiful hair and skin from within. Contains plant nutrients, important fatty acids, astaxanthin, with vitamins including vitamin A for normal, healthy skin and biotin to support the maintenance of normal hair, plus CoQ10 and pine bark extract.

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counter top beauty display