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Lightwave RF Control Your Home Lightbox
Lightwave RF Control Your Home Lightbox 2

Product Overview

Emerging technologies have always interested our team, so we were delighted to help this client with the design and construction of bespoke retail point of purchase displays for their new product.

Bespoke made retail display

The display clearly presented core branding and the most important selling points. Impulse phased in a range of displays for this newly introduced product, with counter units in sizes 600mm x 600mm. Since our team is passionate about emerging technology, we were delighted to help Lightwave RF promote their innovation into the masses.

If wall hanging space is available, it’s the perfect opportunity to gain visibility and brand recognition, with eye level footfall. As the lightbox is lit and calling out to the customer, what’s not to love!

Our Take...Impulse POP

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Affordable smart homes

Lightwave RF has developed a wide range of products which aim to make people’s homes smarter. Using a simple phone application, homeowners will be able to control their building using the same device. Installation is simple, and the technology they offer is comprehensive. So, start your journey to a smarter home today!

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