Modular Sports Apparel Gondola

Future Proofing Through Customisable Display

Product Overview

As part of Dare2b’s larger display programme, the modular gondola was designed to house most apparel for Dare2b, with the metal hanging rail for shorter garments and the white metal table top for folded items.

Customisable Clothing Display

The whole display was designed to be customisable, where the white metal table top can be bolted on to display folded clothing. The hexagon mesh end panel either bolts on at 90 degrees or side by side to the main module, with the option of a magnetic graphic either side to dress the unit.

“We always enjoy the challenge of creating a retail display that can be transformed as the seasons change to display a completely different range of products.”

Our take...Impulse POP

New Retail Identity 'Hex mesh'

Incorporating Brand Within Design

The modular gondola subtly incorporates the Dare2b hexagon logo by using hexagon mesh for the gondola base unit and end signage panels.

The hexagon mesh is now featured in all the new generation of displays that we have designed.

Another example in our range of Dare2b displays showing how effective simplistic design can be in crafting the perfect promotional tool in store.

Performing at your best for longer

A Brand that Dares to Be More

Over the years, they have had a major impact on the industry, working with partners from mountain areas such as Tignes and Sierra Nevada to provide building blocks for the work of professionals on the slopes.

Other collaborations include working with our partner charities such as Snow Camp and working with world-famous cycling events and athletes.