Industrial Cleaner FSDU

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Motorscrubber industrial cleaner fsdu
Motorscrubber industrial cleaner fsdu3

Product Overview

Motorscrubber Clean may just be the best cordless cleaning machine on the market and for a product with a reputation that good, it was important to develop a fsdu to match!

The MS2000 is where industrial cleaning meets portable cleaning, small machine – big power!

Powerful Displays

With a magnetic back graphic on a vibrant red shell with strong lifestyle imagery, the FSDU stands out and shows the product off to its best.

Accessories such as interchangable pads and brushes are located on either side of the Motorscrubber FSDU for customer interaction.

An integrated information screen draws the customer in to give a full explanation of what the MS2000 can do

Nothing beats the presence of a strong Freestanding Display unit, whether it be permanent, or a cardboard temporary FSDU, we have designed it to suit your needs and either dispatch, made up and ready for the shop floor, or in KD / Flat Pack format to be built up in store. Graphic areas are there to enhance with strong branding and information around the product range being displayed.

Our take...Impulse POP

Motorscrubber industrial cleaner fsdu2
Deep Cleaning Machines


The ultimate, cordless, high torque, lightweight cleaning machine. Designed to clean all those hard to reach places your large cleaning machine simply cannot reach.

Below is the FSDU, when we were prototyping the display, before it was painted the Motorscrubber red, the unit is split into two halves for transportation and the back is hollow to keep the weight to a minimum.

Motorscrubber industrial cleaner fsdu3

Smart & effective technology for cleaning

Family run since 1964, Killis are one of the UK’s largest cleaning suppliers and continually strive to offer the latest in innovative cleaning equipment and solutions. Over the years, we have grown to offer janitorial products, floor polishers, window cleaning and air care solutions stocking more than 30,000 products, ranging from sponges to ride on industrial motorised scrubber dryers.