1M Inflatable Snowman

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Pampers 1M inflatable snowman
Pampers 1M inflatable snowman2

Product Overview

The Impulse team made bespoke inflatable displays which incorporated the Pampers brand. In total, 850 of these made their way into Europe, ready to help promote their products during the Christmas season.

Pampering our clients

Since Pampers focus on products related to babies and very young children, the idea of using this fun inflatable snowman did wonders to their brand reputation. It’s presence in-store was certain to grab people’s attention, since this can bring even the most sterile environments to life. It was also bespoke made as per their requirements.

This one was for pure fun and brand awareness, it’s not possible to miss this in store and it would probably leave an impression with the shopper, brand awareness at it’s best!

Our take...Impulse POP

Pampers® has been developing nappies for over 50 years

A main stayer for baby products

Offering a vast selection of products for babies and toddlers, the Pampers brand has often been the go to for things like nappies, pants and wipes. They have developed a steep presence across some of the most recognisable retail outlets across the country, giving parents regular access to their high quality range.

Pampers 1M inflatable snowman2
Pampers 1M inflatable snowman4
Pampers is a brand of baby and toddler products marketed by Procter & Gamble

Pampers Brand History - P&G scientist, Vic Mills, detested changing the fabric diapers of his infant grandkid back in the year 1956. So, he commissioned the analysts in P&G’s exploratory division in Miami Valley, Ohio to investigate the possible ways to improve a disposable diaper. That was the time when the disposable diapers were not used by the majority of the population in the country.

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