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Pilot Pintor Pen Dispenser Display

Pen Dispenser Display by ImpulsePOP

Metal Counter and Shelf Display Unit

A permanent metal counter and shelf display unit for the Pilot Pen Paint Marker range, Pintor compliments the Pilot pen permanent modules previously manufactured by Impulse.

The well – known Pilot Pen brand demands an impactful pen dispenser display for on shelf and on counter presence to illustrate the full range of creative paint pens that are available. This was achieved by the use of steel fabricated units to ensure robustness in – store, yet to keep the unit light in appearance and weight clear PETG dividers were used.

The displays are strongly branded with applied Pilot Pen vinyl covers and magnetic, updatable graphic panels to give flexibility to any future range update needs. The units are able to locate and stack on top of each other as well as locking together side by side. There are four different pen tip sizes, so the outer modules can be identical and only the inner trays are interchangeable which keeps cost to a minimum along with giving a family image to the brand.

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Pen Counter Display
Pen Counter Display
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