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Candle FSDU Potters Crouch Candle

Potters Crouch Candle FSDU

Candle FSDU Potters Crouch Candle

A range of fragrances and candles requires a sensitive but powerfully engaging approach to their in- store presence.

In an extremely competitive environment, we were asked (with just 2 weeks to go to the launch at Harrogates’ Gift Show), to design various freestanding display options for the new product ranges.

We felt that the FSDU shape itself was something that could be developed as a way of differentiating the product range from the competition.

The result of our research and design development work has given us this unique fsdu shape for the  new product promotion.

This freestanding display is made of a metal frame structure with oak laminated shelving and magnetic interchangeable graphic panels, housed within the angled and layered unit shape.

The unit has the additional advantage of being flat packed for cost effective shipment to stores.

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Potter Crouch Candle

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