Touchscreen Counter Top

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Product Overview

Touchscreen Display with integrated LED and Wi-Fi connection with a facility for use by both card swipe and touchscreen

Sleek and Engaging

Impulse has been working with Choices DVD for approximately two years. Initially tasked with designing and building a Budget Interactive unit, this proved so successful that further investment was made in the Brand “Rent It Here”. A further generation of counter top units were produced.

“We love these smaller and usually cuter units that are Counter Top Displays. Sometimes abbreviated to CTU, or CDU (Counter Display Units), they exist to promote impulse purchases, and usually are strongly branded to increase awareness.”

Our take...Impulse POP

Convenience Store Campaign

Empowering busy lifestyles

The unit is a metal structure, LED lighting down each side and across the top, producing a “Halo” Lighting effect by pushed through Opal acrylic.

Information is provided by a touch screen. The unit is connected to the internet via a PC inside the unit, enabling real-time, remote updates.

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