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Siskin Bus Stop Gondola Display

Siskin produce a range of quality promotional products including Apple approved accessories such as cables and phone cases.

The business has worked hard to gain listings in multiple retailers including Tescos and approx 300 of the Gerald Ronson owned petrol station forecourts. Last year Ronson merged his Snax24 and Rontec brands to create a 300 site business with over £1.5bn yearly sales.

Impulse were commissioned to design a suite of supporting Point of Sale.

The first unit utilises existing shelving in store, but highlights the category through clear branding and segmentation. Impulse designed a fin system with universal bracketry allowing the product to be well segmented within the fixture run. The products are in varying sizes, mostly merchandised by eurohook. The fins give good visibility, promoting impulse purchase whilst queuing to pay for fuel. The fins are made from printed foamex, with metal movable brackets for fixing to the gondola uprights.

The second unit is a free-standing display (FSDU) which was designed to showcase different sized products, related mainly to leisure and travel, again targeted to impulse purchase. The unit is made from powder coated steel, with foamex printed side panels, interchangeable top header graphic, with movable metal shelves, plus promotional shelf front ticket strips. one of the design criteria was to send the unit flat packed, so can be assembled at each location.