Treats for Me Wall Bays

Chocolate. We love it, you love it!
Thorntons confectionery wall bays
Thorntons confectionery wall bays2

Product Overview

Thorntons were looking for a design overhaul for their retail wall bays, so the product could be shopped by type with a definitive store layout for impulse purchases. To entice the customer to treat themselves with their favourite, rather than thinking of Thorntons purely for a gift for someone else.

The art of the chocolatier!

Today, chocolate has become one of the most versatile and beloved foods in the world. And yet it’s become so much more – Thorntons have an emotional, sensual connection with chocolate. It comforts us, delights us, draws us in and gives us a taste experience unlike any other. Simply put, we love it. And the humble beans it comes from have had a heck of a journey over the past 4,000 years.

We were thrilled to win the POPAI award for our design which showcased the product in an abundance of wall display colour!

Our take...Impulse POP

Millions of people enjoy it in all its delicious forms

We love chocolate!

Impulse have been fortunate to have received POPAI awards in the past, for excellence in Retail Displays, we won an award for this design.

Thorntons confectionery wall bays popai awardThe Sweet Taste Of Success was achieved with the implementation of this brightly coloured, lightweight and durable wall bay display units, giving Thorntons the contemporary and powerful in-store impact that they were seeking for their chocolate selections.

Thorntons confectionery wall bays3

Thorntons confectionery wall bays4
Thorntons confectionery wall bays5
A lot has changed since the first humble store in Sheffield

But some things have stayed exactly the same. They still only use the finest cocoa beans to create the chocolate ‐ whether it’s dark, milk or white. And whether they're making their famous toffees and chocolates or hampers stuffed full of treats, the passion for chocolate and love of craft still shines through in everything we do.

Thorntons treats for me7