Fix-PRO and HANGables Clipstrips

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Product Overview

On Shelf Clip-Strips

What a brilliant and innovative solution to a glue-free environment where mess and poor adhesion is a thing of the past! – Impulse POP has just completed some new on shelf clip – strip POS items for the Velcro brand.

Not Grippy Grass. Not Rootubapow. Always Hook & Loop.

The first Don’t Say ‘Velcro’ video received thousands of comments from over 150 countries. Some people loved it, some gave them new names for hook & loop fasteners, and some had other colourful feedback.  VELCRO® is the brand and hook and loop is the product! #hookandloopforever

“Parasite displays or secondary site displays are smaller-sized placements mounted (hung or screwed on) on previously installed displays, gondolas, tools. The main purpose of this tool is to highlight the brand and store a couple of products.

Our take...Impulse POP

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VELCRO® Brand HANGables™ Removable Wall Fasteners are the perfect way to decorate without damaging your walls. Hang frames. Create wall collages. Enhance any room with ease. Then, when you’re ready, use the easy peel tab to remove cleanly. These squares are perfect for hanging photos and posters up to 1kg (250g per set). It’s the simple way to decorate worry free.  • Damage-Free • Low Profile • Easy Peel Tab for Clean Removal • Holds up to 1kg (250g per set)
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FIX-PRO Mounting Tapes are prepared to eliminate the need for drills and nails indoors and out. Our double sided adhesive tapes have been specially formulated to perform in various environments and are cut-to-length for project-specific customization. UV and moisture resistant.

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Who Invented VELCRO® Brand Products?

Many people have wondered: Who invented VELCRO® Brand hook and loop? It began with a burdock burr, a tiny seed covered in hundreds of ‘hooks’ that naturally catch onto the microscopic loops that cover fur, hair and clothing. The burr was an unassuming marvel of nature and a minor headache for man, until one day in 1941 when the burdock burr, Swiss engineer George de Mestral, and his dog crossed paths on a hunting trip in the Alps.

Seventy years on, that chance meeting has proven to be remarkably fruitful.

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