2M Inflatable Promotion Display

Reaching the unreachable
WD40 10ft Inflatable Display

Product Overview

What better way to grab people’s attention than a giant inflatable WD40 can! It’s presence in-store is certain to cause a stir, giving this brand perfect brand exposure. The product tells you everything, so why not make this the display!

We won’t turn any opportunity away!

We never turn down opportunities, even when they’re incredibly unique such as this one. When Impulse were approached to create these promotional blow up cans, we were only too pleased to help out! The units themselves run on a small blower unit to keep them inflated and can be applied to any shape.

This one was for pure fun and brand awareness, it’s not possible to miss this in store and it would probably leave an impression with the shopper, brand awareness at it’s best!

Our take...Impulse POP

40 attempts to get it right

40 attempts to get it right WD40 was given its name as this was the number of attempts it took to get their renowned formula right. This all started back in 1953, where a rocket chemical company set out to create rust-prevention solvents and degreasers to be used in the aerospace industry. They now supply a wide range of products to the masses.

WD40 10ft Inflatable promotion display 2

WHAT CAN WD-40 BE USED FOR? THE TOP 25 AMAZING USES FOR WD-40 YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT: You can remove tar, tree sap, and bird poop from car and truck exteriors. Shines the leaves on your artificial plants. Removes crayon from walls, carpet, toys, plastic, compressed wood furniture, shoes, and from your dryer (just unplug it first!). Helps clean gunk and scuff marks off your ceramic floors. Shine and remove fingerprints from stainless steel appliances. Lubricates squeaky drawers, doors, and small rolling toys. Keeps garden tools rust-free plus helps clean them. Removes ink from carpet, leather, and other fabrics. Protects wrought iron like outdoor furniture from rust Cleans and polishes gold and brass. Helps remove adhesive from price tags, labels, and stickers. Keeps metal surfaces from rusting Keeps hose ends from corroding Lubricate your DIY tools or prevent saw blades and tools from rusting, plus loosen rusty nuts and screws. Lubricates doggie doors Removes gum stuck to walls, concrete, shoes, and floors. Coat outside pipes during winter to help prevent freezing damage or pipe bursts. Removes wax from vinyl surfaces. Penetrates rusted parts so you can remove rusted nails. Helps camouflage scratches in linoleum, ceramic tile, and counter-tops. Remove candle wax or glue from carpet Remove old duct tape and its residue. Cleans and softens paintbrushes. Loosen stubborn zippers (just be careful around the clothing!). Keep bugs at bay. Spray WD-40 on window sills, etc to keep spiders and bugs out.