Wireless Headphone FSDU

Longer lasting sound
Jaybird Free Standing Graphic

Product Overview

Jaybird is now the market leader in wireless headphone and earbud technology. They offer smart, innovative products which have been used by some of the biggest sports stars from around the world.

Built, assembled and tested

Impulse were the natural partner for this client, since we could call upon high tech manufacturing processes which are tailored to retail. They have already established themselves in the US, so we needed to capture what was an already successful brand and display this with a premium solution. Seamless edges and a general feeling of quality were therefore incorporated into the units.

“Nothing beats the presence of a strong Freestanding Display unit, whether it be permanent, or a cardboard temporary FSDU, we have designed it to suit your needs and either dispatch, made up and ready for the shop floor, or in KD / Flat Pack format to be built up in store. Graphic areas are there to enhance with strong branding and information around the product range being displayed.”

Our Take...Impulse POP

Experience High-Performance Premium Wireless Sound Anytime, Anywhere.

Choose what you hear

Jaybird have managed to create the ultimate audio experience, giving people more control over the sound they are listening to. With options to listen to music or completely shut the outside world out, you’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments in relation to your current activities. Endorsed by the likes of basketball player Jimmy Butler, their innovation is being used by the best.