Forecourt Retail Bunker

Fuelling the nation eco style
Yara Adblue Forecourt Bunker
Yara Adblue Forecourt Bunker 2

Product Overview

Impulse have provided 150 forecourt bunkers for AdBlue, promoting their motor vehicle additive. The concept reduces emissions from the oxides found in nitrogen, offering a more eco-friendly driving experience. These were rolled out to fuel stations across the whole UK.

The perfect point of sale solution

These point of purchase displays were specially made for forecourts, garden centres, exhibitions and outside store fronts. Their positioning encourages impulsive purchases, and further enforces the AdBlue brand among a large volume of people. A foldable promotional banner and customisable façade also helped to market this product with conviction.

“Sometimes security is the main factor, especially on a garage forecourt when it needs to locked up out of hours. Obviously the bunker needs to be free standing on the forecourt and easily lockable. This one is rather sturdy and needs to be for its site.”

Our Take...Impulse POP

Reducing harmful emissions

Driving products into market

It’s common for newer car models to use AdBlue. This will be stored next to your main fuel filler, acting as an exhaust fluid. Using the product reduces the amount of harmful oxides being produced when driving, therefore helping to preserve the environment. Our task was to market this product among the right people with clear and simple displays which prompted an immediate purchase.

Yara Adblue Forecourt Bunker 4
Yara Adblue Forecourt Bunker 5