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Product Overview

This freestanding display can be moved around the store in seamless fashion. As a result, you’ll have greater scope to think strategically about its best position, therefore maximising customer engagement.

Neat and easy to handle

We made these displays flat packed to ensure installations were incredibly straightforward. The units were also made neatly and easy to handle. Products were placed along the main structure of the displays, therefore demonstrating the depth of choice on offer. Branding was also clearly visible at the very top and on both sides.

“Nothing beats the presence of a strong Freestanding Display unit, whether it be permanent, or a cardboard temporary FSDU, we have designed it to suit your needs and either dispatch, made up and ready for the shop floor, or in KD / Flat Pack format to be built up in store. Graphic areas are there to enhance with strong branding and information around the product range being displayed.”

Our take...Impulse POP

Apple digital audio accessories

Empowering mobile lifestyles

Zagg has a number of major brands to their name, and this has resulted in them becoming the global leader for accessories and technology which aim to empower mobile lifestyles. With an award-winning portfolio of power management solutions, mobiles keyboards and much more, they have led the way for a wide range of product types.

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