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During the past few days, we have been taking a leaf out of Tim Berners Lees’ book ? and we have been revisiting some of our ideas and inventions to see if they are being used in the way in which they were originally intended!!

Whilst we completely understand that our particular ideas may not have been quite as influential as the development of the world wide web(!) we would like to think that in some small way, one or two of our design ideas have been taken and used across a wide range of in-store display products.

For example, a check on where our lazy susan base spinner is now being used includes markets such as the independent electrical goods and travel market, not just the entertainment market for which it was originally intended.

Our unique on-shelf push feed system is now being used in the beauty and food and drinks market and not just the paint display markets for which it was developed.

…. Sometimes it is good to find the time to look back at ideas from a few years ago and see how they have evolved….

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