Producing Excellence in Retail!

Right Type of Work: Impulse has just finished 2nd quarter of the financial year. The business is enjoying unprecedented levels of enquires, but the important fact is how much is being won?

Unlike our competitors Blogs, which only ever focus on the wins, I feel its also important to understand the disappointments – as we can’t win them all!

Win or Lose on Price…..

We have noticed that there is a consistent policy of some companies in our sector that will push the price down to dangerous levels. We declined to continue our involvement in a large tender last month, when the price level went below the true manufactured cost of the product.

We are disappointed to not be doing the work – as we could have had the order, if we could have hit a certain price. But there’s no point, if it puts the business at risk.
I think this highlights the fragility of the Retail Sector. We all seem busy (speaking to others in our sector) – but the importance of Profit (and therefore Survival) over Turnover is less so for some.

Win or lose the right type of work for your business…

Impulse are finalising details on a new project, a new client for the business. The process has been a fantastic learning process, where a good relationship has been developed, and the strength of this partnership has meant that we were able to choose the elements of the project that best suited our business, and this therefore gives the best service to the client. This isn’t always possible, but it does prove the strength and honesty of your relationship with your client.