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In the 1950’s and early 1960’s, Consumers in the UK and the USA were accustomed to their Radios and Televisions being bombarded by Retailers offering GREAT SAVINGS in their yearly SALES campaigns in the lead up to the Festive Holiday period.

On the first Friday after Thanksgiving 1961 in Philadelphia, Christmas Shoppers were running all over town trying to bag bargains and causing unbelievable crushes and confusion at stores all over the city. The over worked and stressed City police were not enjoying the day at all and called it their BLACK FRIDAY! …and this was the origin of the term subsequently adopted in the UK as well as the USA for that same Friday every year since!

Black Friday Sale

The need for Retailers to plan for the most important sales period of all, i.e. the three months or the Golden Quarter run-up to Christmas now had a very particular day within that time frame to prepare for as well!

This is still the key sales period (and particular day) in which the Retail Stores look to turn their emporiums into places of even greater interest than usual for their customers by offering fantastic, low cost and colourful shopper experiences.

Impulse POP has been developing fantastic shopping experiences for years for their clients with their unique, bespoke ranges of FSDUs, Counter and Wall Displays to fit just about every market sector imaginable – take a look at some of our case studies.

shop sale banners
shop window advertising sale

Of course some of the other well known and more established Sales Days still exist such as Boxing Day and 1st January, but Black Friday and the Golden Quarter are recognised by most Retailers and Brand Owners as the days that matter most to making it a successful year.

Black Friday Sale Crowds

However, some of the more recent coverage of these established Sales days has shown that in addition to a greater focus on sales offers, it can also make for a greater period of out of stock items and has been prompting debate amongst Retail Experts as to just what benefits are the Consumers getting and are the deals being offered really the best ones?

Resale Price Maintenance (RPM) and Recommended Resale Price (RRP) have always played a role in the prices that are shown on goods in-store and the ability to attract customers is not always about price (although it was suggested in one recent research study that it feels like the furniture stores do have all year round sales), hence the ongoing need for great in-store display and merchandising programmes such as those that we create at ImpulsePOP.

For the future, with such massive technological advances in Retail in recent years e.g mystery shopping, multiple touch pad interaction, consumer insight programmes and research studies as well as the massive growth in on – line shopping could it be that Cyber Monday starts to take over from Black Friday or The Golden Quarter as the most important day or date of the year? – If that is the case then the need for all of us at ImpulsePOP to design and manufacture even more fantastic in-store point of purchase displays all year round becomes even more important! We welcome the challenge!

Happy Bargain Hunting!

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