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At Impulse POP, we have encountered an increase in requests for Samples and Prototypes over the past few months. This proves our quality and interpretation of the clients brief is correct.

We are delighted and think that this is great news and would love to see all of our clients embracing the concept of a prototype for their display projects!

For many years, launch timings, cost targets and critical path analysis did not always allow enough time or money for the’ to’ing and fro’ing’ that is needed during the prototype process.

This shortcuts the approval stage and gets it “right first time”. This is important when Impulse are dealing with some of the most well-known and valuable High Street brand names.

Producing a prototype irradicates the potential for wrong interpretation and having a physical unit is sometimes the only way to prove it will work in-store.

It is vital, that before the production process starts, all of the important elements of the product or service being presented are discussed and agreed.

To minimise the problems that can arise in-store when installing a new display, it is vital that key issues are always addressed such as; brand guidelines indicating logo colour and size, stand dimensions, shelf and product weight loads, electrical safety and Store H&S compliance including display stability and location.

Clients should always want to test their products to ensure the desired impact and resolve any unforeseen issues encountered and make any final amendments prior to the manufacture of a roll-out.

Flymo Overall Assembly

Not building a workable sample or prototype can be a shortcut to disastrous in-store results (for example, a shelf that is not large enough to hold the product, a colour which is not representative of the brand image, an unstable weight load) – all of these can be avoided by building and testing a well designed prototype!

At Impulse POP we work across a wide range of market sectors, each of which brings their own unique challenges.

Some projects that we have recently been involved in include robust freestanding displays for garden tools through to elegant and stylish acrylic beauty and fashion counter and tester displays.

Samples & prototype matter!

flymo prototypeProducing a prototype as a “controlled copy” that the client can use for brand sign off to an agreed spec.

Investment in a prototype is very important to the manufacturer as well as the client and gives the opportunity to enhance and evolve the design and construction, often to include additional features including material specification amendments and savings to ensure cost targets are met right the way through the design and production process.

Prototyping also gives the perfect opportunity to calculate packaging materials and carton sizes as well as the size and weight of a production unit so that we can determine vehicle sizes for delivery, storage and installation.