Impulse want to help to Save The Fish!

Save the Fish: As a result of David Attenborough’s campaign regarding the devastating consequences of our consumption of plastics and the disregard to plastic in the ocean.

‘Saving The Fish’ has come to the forefront of many discussions to educate those within schools and encourage Industry to use sustainable materials to protect our future and become ‘greener’ in all areas.

We are all becoming acutely aware of the dangers of plastic in the oceans and as manufacturers, it’s our duty to transform and develop designs utilising environmentally friendly materials.

It is exciting to see young school children encourage their families to support the campaign by excluding plastic packaged food from weekly shopping lists.

Many UK restaurants and pubs are no longer distributing plastic straws.

plastic straws

Major holiday destinations are encouraging their hotel and restaurant owners to avoid the disposal of plastics on their local beaches as well as arranging regular sponsored ‘ clean up’ days on the beach with holidaymakers and local students and schoolchildren.

These initiatives are driving awareness and helping families to consider what they eat.

Eating more healthily as well as encouraging us to consume less pre-packaged food brings a real ‘win-win’ feel to everyone involved.

In turn, this should be driving and inspiring the food industry to re-think how products are packaged and consider carefully how they are merchandised.

packaging film

Non- food Retail sectors are already following suit and merchandising materials and processes are changing!

Here at Impulse, we have recently worked on displays with clients with new or different material specifications in order to continue with our own Save The Fish approach to material utilisation.

One recent example is the display that we designed and manufactured for our client IIAA.

IIAA had taken a strong stance to conform and Save The Fish long before the David Attenborough’s recent campaign became widely known.

Impulse continues to work with IIAA to produce premium displays whilst minimising the use of plastics.

By thinking outside the box, recycled materials such as medium density fibreboard (MDF) and card are frequently viewed as not always being capable of giving a high quality and stylish end product, but when thoughtfully and considerately designed, they can  take on a more interesting and innovative look – it is what we do best at Impulse!

The levitation and FSDU displays for IIAA are repeat orders which fulfil the greener criteria perfectly as well as perfectly fulfilling the brand image and style.

Impulse sustainable display

The phrase ‘Build it, use it, throw it away’ maybe a true reflection of the past but here at Impulse we embrace the transition and implore you to also find sustainable and environmentally conscious materials for future project designs.

Please contact ImpulsePOP to arrange a way of helping you achieve your goals.


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