The Impact of Seasonality in Retail

Seasonality is an ever-evolving trend

Each season comes specific, noteworthy holidays, events and activities, which cause consumers to behave differently, hence, provide opportunities for businesses to thrive. Examples of seasonal opportunities that have the power to boost revenues and connect brands with their consumers/audience include; Valentine’s Day, Easter, summer holidays, Halloween and Christmas etc. So this means stores are in massive competition to outdo each other when the seasonal occasions arise.

easter retail display
halloween retail display

Seasonal celebrations like: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas will only come around once a year, so brands are quick to change up their products just in time for the celebration season. For every seasonal celebration, we will usually come across products that are only available at the time of the particular event and season.

summer retail display
christmas retail display

Certain brands will use different packaging and advertisement that will stand out to the eye. For example: If the packaging is fun and exciting it will make someone reach out to the shelf and buy the product, depending on the brand’s marketing strategy certain products will sell more than others.

Lush are a perfect example of this – they bring out different products to fit around each seasonal holiday and that are only available for a short amount of time. So shoppers have to snatch their products up quick before the season finishes!

lush products
retail seasonal trends
retail seasonal trends

Meanwhile, some skincare brands like Simple, try a different marketing strategy. They showcase products that are their ‘faves’ for their consumers to use for each of the different seasons:

simple winter advert
simple spring advert
simple summer advert
simple autumn advert

It’s not just skincare that jump on the seasonal band wagon…

Cadbury are well-known to sell various Easter eggs leading up to the Easter season. Cadbury sell all sorts of chocolate all year round. But their Easter eggs only come out at Easter season.

cadbury easter eggs
cadbury logo
cadbury creme eggs

Cadbury aren’t the only chocolate company to sell its Easter eggs!

Their competitors, Thornton’s bring out their special Easter treats to prepare for the Easter celebrations! And many more seasons…

thorntons chocolate advert
thorntons logo
thorntons advent calendar
thorntons easter eggs
thorntons summer chocolates
thorntons winter chocolates
Thorntons easter MFU

Impulse were lucky enough to have manufactured acrylic mobile plinths for Thornton’s Easter eggs! This was for their retail store, creating a winding path of chocolate.

See how Impulse can help sweeten up your POS displays!

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