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Shopper marketing is the chameleon of the retail industry. A quick google search will spring up dozens of quite confusing meanings and interpretations.

Wikipedia is at the top of the hit list. It defines shopper marketing as:

“understanding how one’s target consumers behave as shoppers, in different channels and formats, and leveraging this intelligence to the benefit of all stakeholders, defined as brands, consumers, retailers and shoppers.”

The slight problem with this definition is that it only views the customer and the shopper as scientific data. Especially with the word ‘leverage’. It presents them as people merely to be observed.

Another problematic definition says:

“shopper marketing focuses on the customer at the point of purchase. It tries to make last-minute appeals to customers at the moment when they are actually prepared to buy something”

Shopper marketing isn’t just about the point of purchase, it’s not just about enticing sales and items left by the till as you go to buy what you’ve put in your trolley or basket. It’s not just the last minute.

So, what is shopper marketing?

An easier way to understand is to view it as a journey. The journey a customer and shopper takes, from the moment they enter the shop and browse, to when they buy.

It’s about talking to customers and understanding that journey, in order to positively affect how your brand or product ae engaged with.

Shopper marketing expert and consultant Mike Anthony understands it as:

“Shopper marketing is the process of understanding shoppers and using that understanding to develop a marketing mix. This marketing mix influences shopper behaviour in such a way as to positively impact consumption of the brand and or category’”

How do we at ImpulsePOP help you with creating a great journey for your customers?

Because of our dedicated shopper research, we understand the journey your customers take. Impulse offer bespoke advice and programmes on how your product can best be consumed by your shoppers.

Therefore, we can work with you from design to marketing the finished display. This ensures your product is enticing and engaged within the best possible way. From window and retail displays, to event and exhibition display stands, we have the tools to add more value to your product.

Our clients’ feedback and case studies point to the success we have when we apply our unique approach to shopper marketing.

As we explained in the ‘Art of Merchandising’ blog post, it’s all about your product and how your shoppers engage with it.