Producing Excellence in Retail!

We’re in a new era of retail. And with each new development – from revolutionary and entertaining shop window displays to anticipated festive TV adverts – retailers have reimagined how they package and sell their products.

With this boom of creativity, we shoppers have had to adapt and learn new ways to shop. Developing new, and at times surprising, shopping habits. Impulse explore some fascinating shopping facts.

We shop more online than the rest of the world!

We spend more per household in the UK than consumers in any other country! And it’s mainly because we love to entertain ourselves. Cinema, concert tickets, takeaway orders and music downloads topped the charts on our nation’s online spending.

Glued to your phone or tablet?

For the first time, the majority of online shopping sales in the UK is now done through smartphones and tablets. John Lewis, in their 2017 shopper experience report, found that millennials were twice as likely to use their phones to research products while shopping – sifting through products online and comparing them to what’s physically ahead – and three times as likely to combine shopping with another leisure activity.

Social media is the new go-to for customer service

We’re reliant on customer service through social media more than ever. And each swift response and good experience has led to more trust towards our favourite retailers. Almost 3 in 4 consumers interacted with a retailer via social media and 40% have spent more as a result.

We want to start renting products, even clothes!

One in five people in the UK, and one in three within London, are interested in renting from their favourite stores. This trend is particularly strong among millennials as they are most used to renting.

Renting clothes is becoming more popular, the main consumer age being between 25-34yr olds (46%), thats nearly half of the population!

Exercise equipment topped the list of what people wanted to rent (19%). Shoppers who showed an interest in renting would be willing to spend £200 or more per month on unlimited clothing rent subscriptions.

Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) here we come!

Most noteworthy, we still prefer the high-street experience to shopping online. We want to see in-store digital features that bridge traditional stores with their online counterparts.

Westfield’s latest survey found that:

  • 41% of people in the UK would like to use virtual reality to experience how products will look in their home
  • 33% of people agreed they are interested in using virtual assistants to see how clothes would look on them.