Shopping Trends You Should Be Aware Of

Since the Pandemic started, huge changes seen across the entire world have massively shifted the attitude and behaviour consumers have around retail. Even before restrictions came into play, many people were predominantly using online stores over physical retail, and this trend has certainly accelerated given the convenience and safety this provides people who generally feel more comfortable away from the general public. However, with the new year well underway, it’s important to consider how the retail world can shift quite rapidly, so what are the most important trends and considerations you should be thinking about?

Selling Online is a Must – But Physical Retail Still Has a Place

There’s no hiding from the fact online retail has become the leading source of revenue for most companies. According to, around 2.14 billion people make purchases online, and 63% of any shopping firstly takes place within the realms of the internet. Should you want to reach large volumes of people quickly, then of course, create effective eCommerce stores and market yourself away, but before this, think about how physical retail not only has a place in its own right, but also comes with the capacity to accelerate your online efforts. 

online shopping in retail centre

Don’t look at physical retail as simply a means to sell products. You’ve also got yourself a prime opportunity to advertise yourself, even if that does mean subsequent purchases are done online. It’s more of an interactive experience, and in the case of electronics and gadgets, lots of people would benefit from trying these products beforehand to help make more informed decisions about their suitability. Having in-store presence is another touch point from a marketing perspective, and with what’s likely to be a surge in enthusiasm for days out over the course of the year, it’s worth taking advantage of this.

Be Weary of HFSS Legislation

Some changes could be legal by nature, and in the case of 2022, none really stand out more than a brand new piece of legislation known as HFSS. So, what does this entail? Well, from April this year, retailers need to be extra careful about how to promote what are considered to be unhealthy products, namely food or drink which has a large quantity of sugar and salt. It’s part of a big plan initially laid out by the UK Government, who back in June 2018, discovered that this country had become one of the worst for child obesity.

Become a Supportive Brand

A greater sense of community is needed, especially with the isolation and suffering felt by many during the Pandemic. Your reputation for being an attentive brand which considers the wellbeing of their community is a great step to make, and further to this, showing support to the on-going fight against climate change will create substantial prominence in-store compared to competing names who haven’t done similar.

Many of the world’s leading brands have made the move against climate change, something which has brought greater exposure to this issue, and also helped increase their reputation during an age where Millennials and Generation-Z have really stepped up to address the biggest issues head on. Coca-Cola have now replaced their shrink wrap with a paper-based option, and you may have noticed that McDonald’s have switched to paper straws.

paper straws

Don’t Become Stagnant

According to, around 75% of consumer’s search terms are different over the course of every month. Taking this into the physical world of retail, it’s pretty clear how only fresh brands who actively change their products at least fairly regularly, end up having the potential to really make an impact. Developing new products can be hard, given the time frames involved, but even if it’s tricky, at least plan well ahead to keep away from a stagnant brand reputation.

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