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Retail Marketing. Do you tweet, Blog, Poke on Facebook, LinkedIn, Ping or now Google + ?

We’ve embraced this form of communication, but not only is difficult to keep up with, its difficult to integrate it into your Marketing PLan. The idea is genius and has endless opportunities, hence the necessity to include this media in Retail Marketing.

in the last 18 months, the Shopping Environment has transformed completely. Impulse is now being asked to Design and Produce more Interactive displays than ever. In the last 6 months alone we?ve been working on pitches for Tailored Shirts, X-Box, Blackberry, Fitness Supplements, DVD Rentals to name a few.

An In-Store Display now has to merchandise and inform in high-quality media, whereas, in the past, the brief was less demanding.

This direction is relying on “instant reactivity” via Social Media, through Smart Phones, gaining client details for future campaigns.

It is advisable to approach the success of this style of marketing as you would a website. If you cannot gain interest within 3 seconds, then the client will lose interest and move on.

We all want the traffic viewing our websites, created by the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and Marketeers are discovering the benefits of people hitting the “like” buttons on websites, which then leaves a cybertrail which can be used again.

When I first used Twitter, I was immediately put off with the amount of “interference” created with useless comments etc. You have to disregard this and look closer into who you connect with, and also who others are connected to.

it is a full-time job – and as we spend more time analyzing the platform not only for our own use but at clients requests, it is useful to have industry-specific knowledge.

if you wish to consult us on how to use this to enhance brand awareness, and ultimately sell more products, please contact us HERE

Impulse realise the importance of adapting Displays not only to Physical Fashion Trends but to the Cultural changes being forced by the Social Media Evolution.

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