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Limited time and special edition products can be great for retail businesses. The benefits of doing this can bring new customers into store and entice existing customers back more often to test their new range. If brands put strategic plans in place and stick by them, then the limited editions can increase sales in the long term.

Zelda game
Deluxe game
Spiderman game

The public get roped into buying the special edition products because they seem to be a one off deal and it makes people want to buy more than one of that item whilst they are still available, possibly as an investment to keep. As a customer wanting to buy special editions we would assume that it’s something that saves us money but they can be much more expensive than the regular item. You assume you are getting something special when in fact it is often the same product but marketed and packaged differently. Some companies may offer their customers a one-time deal or voucher code when you purchase the limited product which is a great marketing technique. Limited time products usually have a short time period which means the products will sell out fast. So this makes people want to buy the products while they last as it’s only for a limited amount of time.

Walkers involve the general public in their marketing campaigns which is a great way of marketing for free! This can also create loyal relationships between the business and customers.

Back in 2014, Walkers brand ambassador Gary Lineker, introduced the free Twitter vending machine for their ‘Do Us a Flavour campaign’ (A national search to find a delicious new chip flavours with a £1million prize)

Vending machines were installed at bus stops in London, featuring the six final flavours. In an interesting attempt to boost their ‘Do Us a Flavour’ campaign, Walkers offered people the chance to win a free packet of crisps from a range of their new flavours. And all they had to do is use Twitter to enter.

Tweet to eat
Tweet to eat

Walkers launch a festive range for the Christmas season:

Walkers festive
Walkers festive bunch
Burger king ad

Fast food chain Burger King launched their Stranger Things limited edition ‘Upside Down Whopper’ meal. Customers were able to purchase the one time meal at their local Burger King restaurant! Personally I think taking the burger out of the packaging upside down created the same experience so not much thought went into this! And their limited addition ‘Angriest whopper’ was also a hit.

Burger king Whopper
Mcdonalds monopoly
Monopoly millions game

Other fast food chain McDonalds sell their normal products all year round, but every year in March they release their special promotion called ‘McDonald’s Monopoly’ and it lasts up to 6 weeks. The game is still the same, however the restaurant offers customers the chance to take part in the game and win prizes when they purchase certain food items.

Mcdonalds lottery
Mcdonalds fries and lottery
Diet coke

Diet Coke have launched limited editions cans over the past few years. Their promotional cans have been designed to appeal to millions of ‘drinkers’ across the world. 

To celebrate the launch of the Absolutely Fabulous movie in 2016, Diet Coke launched limited editions of their bottles and cans.

Festive coke
Diet coke bottles
Diet coke cans with phrases

They even launched the 330ml cans, featuring a different phrase that “people love to use to express themselves”. 

Bud light

Every year in June, people across the country celebrate ‘Pride Month’. Brands like BudLight, Skittles ect. contributte their appreciation by launching special edition products in Pride colours.


So what do all these special edition and limited time products have in common? They all need a separate marketing and promotional strategy… Special edition products tend to need promotional displays as they are often situated on Aisle ends or have the hero eye level area on shelves, they can be add on temporary or permanent displays sited by till areas to catch your attention.

We have worked with brands over the years to produce on-shelf, add-on, parasite displays, gondola and promotional ends to filtrate retail stores in many sectors across the UK for their limited products!

At ImpulsePOP we are not limited to what we can produce for your products… So get in touch with us for your retail needs!

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